AKZ-Burgas LTD was selected to supply the equipment and to perform construction works, start-up and commissioning work(NDP) and commissioning of “reducing cooling device”(RCD)140/45 and boiler units KA 2, 8 ,12 and installation of a new RCD 10/1, 2 and RCD15/1, 2.  

Operation in thermal heater plant in a lower boiler mode.

AKZ-Burgas LTD won the tender for LOT-2 “Repair of roofing waterproofing industrial buildings”/autumn-winter preparation/. For this purpose company`s high qualified personnel will supply and install polymer membrane for the roof of the turbine hall, switchgear – workshop electrical store, store 952-UMTO and installation VK and OC. AKZ-Burgas LTD will carry […]

Repair of roofing waterproofing industrial buildings

AKZ-Burgas LTD specialist’s will replace the pipelines for a mixing flammable gas and will install control valves on it. They will begin with dismantling of the existing old pipe, keeping all environmental norms according to ISO 14001. The installing of the new line will follow quality standards according ISO 9001, […]

Pipelines to torch and assembly of control valves

AKZ-Burgas LTD will accomplish following activities: Repair of electricity supply of Park 626 and lighting of columns K-1 and K-101; Repair of electricity installation, repairing panels and their power, installation XO-2; Repair of cable pipe racks, mast lighting and repair boards in production TSNP.  

Repair of lighting installation, repair panels and power in their ...

AKZ-Burgas LTD is subcontractor of this project ”Reconstruction of the existing crossroad “Mirage”. The contract includes manufacture, supply and mounting of all metal construction of the new overpass. The facility is in final stage of construction as it is implemented quality technologies in welding and assembly activities and ensure efficient […]

Reconstruction of the existing crossroad “MIRAGE”

AKZ-Burgas LTD started repairing activities in Lukoil Neftochim Burgas AD territory. Execution of the contract includes remediation of concrete equipment according to the latest quality and safety requirements.

Repair of pipe racks